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For graphic accounts of the last major raid on London 10/11 May 1941, including many of the incidents illustrated above, refer to 'The City That Wouldn’t Die' by Richard Collier, published in 1959, "written in a compelling style as befits a journalist with the Daily Mail amongst other publications. Collier skilfully selects various participants, both on the British and German sides and follows their stories through this night of nights". It is available to read online at: More recent and following a similar format is 'The Longest Night: Voices from the London Blitz' by Gavin Mortimer published in 2005. "Part military history, part chronicle of survivors' memories and part moving tribute to London, the result is reminiscent of Richard Collier's The City That Would Not Die, but is a captivating and important contribution in its own right...Mortimer's dramatic renderings of what Londoners and German and British military men experienced make for compelling nonfiction".

By Hugo Eatwell
On 16/08/2011

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