Page link: Air Raid Wardens
Air Raid Wardens
The Dual Role of Air Raid Wardens
Page link: Ann Remembers
Ann Remembers
As an Officer in the Black Watch my brother had to wear a kilt
Page link: A Backward Glance
A Backward Glance
I knew nothing about nursing, Morse Code, or any of the things more efficient women were rushing to do
Page link: Carla Remembers
Carla Remembers
Growing up in Soho
Page link: Churchill and Parliament
Churchill and Parliament
10-11 May 1941
Page link: Doreen Remembers
Doreen Remembers
We practically lived in the coal cellars!
Page link: Dorris Remembers
Dorris Remembers
Before the war you were just a woman
Page link: Eileen Remembers
Eileen Remembers
When the air raid sirens sounded
Page link: Enid's friends
Enid's friends
My mother's friends and the Guards' Chapel incident
Page link: Florrie Remembers
Florrie Remembers
You could get anything on the Black Market
Page link: Gladys Remembers
Gladys Remembers
My mum couldn't see any sense in celebrating VE Day
Page link: Georgina Remembers
Georgina Remembers
My father had ducks, rabbits, doves, chickens and pigeons
Page link: Great Aunt Blanche
Great Aunt Blanche
Died in V2 attack
Page link: Harvey Gould and Heike Fischer
Harvey Gould and Heike Fischer
Memories of the Second World War
Page link: Hazel Remembers
Hazel Remembers
Working at the Ministry of Aircraft Production
Page link: Hurricane over Victoria
Hurricane over Victoria
Sgt Ray Holmes, RAF Pilot
Page link: Irene Remembers
Irene Remembers
A few thoughts on the Blitz
Page link: Joan Remembers
Joan Remembers
The local people were marvellous to us
Page link: Ken 'Snakehips' Johnson
Ken 'Snakehips' Johnson
Nicknamed 'Snakehips' due to his smooth moves
Page link: The last V2 on London
The last V2 on London
27 March 1945
Page link: Louise Remembers
Louise Remembers
I was a child in Dublin during the war
Page link: John Lubin
John Lubin
Alexandra Hotel, Knightsbridge
Page link: Lydia
Get under me bed you'll be safer there
Page link: Mavis Remembers
Mavis Remembers
My mum says Poppy and I are to stay together, but who listened?
Page link: Mick Remembers
Mick Remembers
Wow, what a day!
Page link: Christopher Morley
Christopher Morley
A secret life 'jigsaw puzzle' search ...
Page link: Nellie Remembers
Nellie Remembers
I volunteered and became a WAAF
Page link: Doris Paul
Doris Paul
'The Wednesday', Pimlico
Page link: Rebecca: ''Under The Tables!''
Rebecca: ''Under The Tables!''
A V1 at Regent's Park
Page link: Rose Remembers
Rose Remembers
I can't marry you, I've only got 10 coupons and I want a white wedding!
Page link: Rose Remembers
Rose Remembers
I was ever so good at jitterbugging
Page link: William Sansom
William Sansom
AFS Fireman
Page link: Stella Remembers
Stella Remembers
Living in Westminster
Page link: WO2 Nathaniel Turton
WO2 Nathaniel Turton
Grenadier Guards
Page link: VE Day Stories
VE Day Stories
8 May 1945
Page link: Gaston Vignaud
Gaston Vignaud
Gaston Vignaud speaks about his family's patisserie during the war
Page link: Warden Post No.25
Warden Post No.25
76 Belgrave Road SW1
Page link: Jack Wing
Jack Wing
Commended AFS Fireman
Page link: Peter Woodman
Peter Woodman
Bombing of Irving Court
Page link: Leo Zanelli
Leo Zanelli
Leo Zanelli speaks about his childhood in wartime Soho
Category link: E. Ita Ekpenyon
E. Ita Ekpenyon
A Nigerian Air Raid Warden in St Marylebone