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Photo:Mick Jones as a youngster

Mick Jones as a youngster

Mick Jones

Wow, what a day!

By Mick Jones

When the war finished I was five years of age. I remember the VE day very well; everybody was excited and it was a fantastic day. I was down Strutton Ground and I wanted to get a flag because so many people were waving flags. It took a while but I did get one in the end, however it was a South African flag, which I didn’t know at the time.

My granddad, who dare I say it was a grafter at this pub on Strutton Ground, saw me standing outside the pub so he gave me his hat, and of course I put the hat down on the ground and of course people going past put money into the hat. I’ll be honest I’ve never had so much money, I remember seeing all this money in the hat and I thought 'WOW - what a day!'

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