Part 5

The St Marylebone Society rare colour film footage

Copyright Family Keen

Colour footage of ARP exercises and bomb site damage. Film of the remains of the John Lewis & Co department store on Oxford Street after incendiary bomb damage in September 1940. Film of the burnt-out Druces Depository, Marylebone, filmed in 1941. Scenes of medical evacuation training. Footage of bomb damage to London, including static water tanks close to St Paul's Cathedral (1941).

For more information about the colour footage contact the Imperial War Museum by email at

Part 5

Filmed by A.E. Reneson Coucher OBE

This page was added by Camilla Bergman on 06/09/2010.
Comments about this page

What an amazing film - and how incredibly brave people were in those times.

By Pam Boffey
On 07/09/2010

This film is totally amazing. It adds new insight to the views we have been taught.

By Carolyn Prickett
On 08/09/2010

A super archive find - it moved me deeply!

By Barry
On 08/09/2010

This is a perfect example of a picture telling a thousand words. To see the experiences in reality and how ordinary people show extraordinary courage and emotional concern makes one proud to be a member of the human race.

By Jennifer Crawford
On 08/09/2010

Incredible film made so realistic by the colour and quality of footage.

By Briony Desoutter
On 08/09/2010

I've watched a lot of black and white footage and the converted colourized stuff. the colourized footage never looks quite right and the black and white although fascinating to watch ... i could never really connect with them both, but this footage looks and feels so real in comparison it truly brings it home.

By jasper
On 13/09/2010

I remember so clearly how brave we all were. While the "doodle bugs" bombed us my family made us kids sing songs while the grown-ups made cups of tea and carried on as usual. We were eventually bombed out and I was evacuated; my family evenutally followed. Watching these films has made me so grateful to you, even with a tear or two on my cheek for the memories. Thank you so much ... Jean Lovegrove Stone

By Jean Lovegrove Stone
On 20/09/2010

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