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Photo:Oral histories were taken during the West End Live event

Oral histories were taken during the West End Live event

Camilla Bergman

The story of London and of the City of Westminster during the Second World War is one of exceptional leaders and ordinary men and women thrown together by external threat. The recorded testimony - both written and oral - of Londoners in the Blitz provides us with a living memory of years of ordeal and fortitude. Oral history in particular captures the memories of all who endured the Blitz, of whatever background or national origin.

Today, those interested in the Blitz have a feast of sources. Fascinating perspectives on life in London during the wartime years are to be found in the memoirs of leading politicians, military officers, senior civil servants, novelists, journalists and diarists. Contemporary newsreels, museum and archive collections, the voices of ordinary Londoners and television documentaries now constitute a vast resource on aspects of Blitz history. Similarly, the previously-unsung experiences of men such as Black British Marylebone ARP Warden Ita Ekpenyon also add to the richness of understanding of this critical period in the history of Westminster, London and the nation as a whole.

Through the West End at War project we have attempted to record your memories of this pivotal moment in London's history. If you are interested in having your story recorded please contact:

Camilla at thewestendatwar@gmail.com

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