Lillington Street, Pimlico

17 April 1941

By Madeline Cole

At 12.50am on 17 April 1941 a parachute mine landed on 39 Lillington Street, just off Vauxhall Bridge Road in Pimlico SW1. Number 39 and numbers 74-76 were completely destroyed. A huge pile of debris was left where the houses had stood, opening up new views of the nearby St James the Less Church (1861).

One corpse was recovered by 4.07am and placed in 16 Charlwood Street to await retrieval.  Ambulances were sent when the reports first came in, but local wardens asked for further ambulances at 4.45am.  The urgency of the situation made it necessary for them to repeat the request and ask for the ambulance to hurry at 5.15am.  They also sent for a stretcher car ten minutes later and another stretcher car was urgently requested at 9am  Several hours later, the wardens were still recovering bodies, this time from a basement. 

An ARP report for 8.10pm that evening noted that another body found at 39 Lillington Street had been taken next door to number 38, which was not as badly damaged. A message taken down at 8.53pm confirmed that a mortuary van had attended the scene. In total, 41 people were found dead from this incident.

This night was not the only one on which Lillington Street received bomb damage. On the night of 19 April 1941 bombs fell between houses 41-59 at around 7.40pm.  One body was found very soon after that and the attending warden recommended that it be removed as soon as possible, since it was in a very bad state. 

Lillington Street no longer exists between Charlwood and Tachbrook Street, but is instead covered by the Lillington Gardens housing development (built 1964-1972). 

Photo:Lillington Street with St James the Less Church (background), April 1941

Lillington Street with St James the Less Church (background), April 1941

Copyright Westminster City Archives

Photo:ARP report, Lillington Street, 17 April 1941

ARP report, Lillington Street, 17 April 1941

Copyright Westminster City Archives

Photo:ARP report, Lillington Street, 17 April 1941

ARP report, Lillington Street, 17 April 1941

Copyright Westminster City Archives

Photo:Lillington Street, rear of Cambridge Buildings, April 1941

Lillington Street, rear of Cambridge Buildings, April 1941

Copyright Westminster City Archives

Photo:Lillington Gardens housing development, 2012

Lillington Gardens housing development, 2012

Madeline Cole

Photo:Bomb Map: Lillington Street SW1

Bomb Map: Lillington Street SW1

Cppyright Westminster City Archives

Former site of Lillington Street, Pimlico

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Comments about this page

My family lived in 51 Lillington Street and I assume were killed this night. Maude Wheeler - how can I obtain information on this Incident as my father is keen to learn what happened?

By Peter Wheeler
On 02/05/2012

Hi Peter, i dont have any information for you but if you ever come accross any pictures of 51 lillington st, i would be extremely exited to see them as my family lived at 51 lillington st as well (in 1851 though) Cheers

By Geoff Smallwood
On 19/10/2012

Did anyone find any photos of 51 Lillington Street as I would love to see them as well my Father lived there Alfred (Mick) Wheeler.

By Sue Brophy Nee (Wheeler)
On 07/12/2012

Relatives of my husband were living at no 41 Lillington Street and were killed on 16th April 1941 through "war operations". This included a 1 year old baby girl.

By Christine Callow
On 09/12/2012

I was born at no 42 Lillington St on Nov 24th, 1943. My brother was born there on Feb. 13th, 1940.

By Barry Tosdevine
On 18/01/2013

Re: 42 Lillington Street. My mother, brother and I lived at 42 Lillington Street as guests of two very dear ladies while my dad, who was in the army was away on military duty. The ladies names were Miss Kibble and Miss Hopgood. Miss Kibble continued to live there until at least 1959 when my brother visited her. Miss Hopgood had passed away a few years earlier. Does anyone have any recollection of these two wonderful ladies?

By Barry Tosdevine
On 21/01/2013

I lived at 96 Lillington Street but after the bombing of 17th and 19th of April my mother and I moved to Scotland as I was only 7 months old then.I have been here ever since! I hope to visit Lillington Gardens in the Spring.

By Joseph Robson
On 04/02/2013

Joseph Robson - I was born at 96 Lillington Street in 1948. The house next door (98) was bombed out and remained so until the street was demolished to make way for Lillington Gardens. Vaguely remember the name Kibble (No 42)

By Barry Walsh
On 25/04/2013

My mother whose name was Evenden, lived at 41 Lillington St. from 1930-1940 with her parents and sisters. Their name was Evenden and my mother's cousin married a Kibble.

By Jean Hoborough
On 16/07/2013

Can anyone help with information about Cambridge Buildings referred to in the Archive photograph above? Were they demolished after the bombing? Also. Model School, Westminster circa 1877. I cannot find any reference to it, but I believe it was in this area.

By Louise Donnelly
On 02/11/2013

I am researching about a gang my great grandfather allegedly had an involvement with. September 1939 They resided at 118 and 113 lillington street. Also they were in Lupus street or road. This gang were forging death certificates and my great grandfather claims a women was murdered and placed under the floorboards in killing ton street. Their names are Ada Quinn/Adams Dennis scully Mr and mrs Kelly Ted Ming Mr.and mrs Stevens Bill and joe red man Mr spree Mr heasman Harry Cornell Does anyone have any information on this.

By Lauren staton
On 20/11/2013

I am carrying out some research on Joseph Marriott who lived at 101 Lillington Street. He was in the Navy during World War I; his ship was sunk at the Battle of Jutland and he was a prisoner of war in Germany for two years. He died in December 1952 at the early age of 56. Very likely this was as a result of the Great Smog of 1952 which resulted in the deaths of about 12,000 people.

By Chris Bilham
On 20/11/2013

we lived at 7,cambridge buildings from 1948.1 block of 5 was later destroyed as a result of the bombing. The rest remained until the early 60s when the whole street was replaced by the new lillington estate.

By mal gittins
On 23/11/2013

Many thanks for that helpful information about Cambridge Buildings.

By Louise Donnelly
On 25/11/2013

I just bought an interesting looking bible from a local garage sale. I noticed that inside there was an address: 41 Lillington street, Pimlico, London. So I would give it a try looking it up. Then I found this website. There are two names written within : on the first page Clara Stanward, and on the second ;L. standward (or it could be a b). There is also a year written down: 1874. Does anybody have some information about these people or the address?

By Sybren Holt
On 30/12/2013

My great uncle's parents, Edward John and Agatha Louisa Bishop were living in 41 Lillington Street when their only son, Harry, was wounded and then died in Flanders in December 1916. I do not know how long Edward and Agatha lived there. Anyone know?

By Piers Pendred
On 05/03/2014

My dad was the manager of the butchers shop at No. 100 Lillington street my mum worked there also and I was born on the couch in the house upstairs from the shop. We left there in 1966 when we were moved to Churchill Gardens so they could knock down my beloved home my daddy's butchers shop and build the awful Lillington Gardens. 


By Judith Murphy
On 05/11/2014

My late father owned number 58 in 1958 if anyone knows anything. 

By Robert snell
On 11/02/2015

My late fathers family (McGarry) lived at 35 Lillington Street, He once told me a about being bombed during the war. The ceilings came down .. He went into the garden to find a neighbours sonin his night clothes staggering about .. This lad was about 19 and not a scratch on him ... They then moved to Garden Terrace 

By Steve Mcgarry
On 16/02/2015

I was born in Lillington Street in 1947, my parents owned the local shop at 85 Lillington to the pub The Builders Arms,if anybody has any information I would like to hear from them

By Frank Holmes
On 26/02/2015

Thanks for the information.i wandered what happened to the old houses,my Great Grandad Thomas Walter Quinton was born at 53 Lillington St 1854.

By B J Green
On 22/06/2015

My great grandfather lived at 34 Lillington Street in 1911. I live in Australia and love to visit the streets of my ancestors whenever I am in the UK. Sad to hear this street no longer exists.

By Lesley Conway
On 02/07/2015

Those interested in Lillington Street may not that on this video, at 4min 50sec, there are plans being shown of the redevelopment:

On 26/08/2015

I lived at number 6 Cambridge buildings from 1936 to 1959 until I got married. As children we used to play on the bomb site created by the bombing and turned the site into a cycle track.

By Ron Leach
On 10/11/2015

My Mum lived at 97 Lillington St. in 1939.  Her name was Eileen Aspell

By Anne Price
On 01/09/2016

My Grandfather lived at 31 Lillington Street in 1931. His name was Thomas Winchester. I wonder if anyone met him at that time or, more likely, knew of him. I believe he was tattooed and an army/navy man.

By Linda Wheway White
On 11/03/2017

My Grandparents lived at 107 Lillington Street in 1922 and were married in Holy Trinity Church which stood at the corner of Bessborough Gardens. Great to find this history webpage.

By Linda Quinlan
On 02/08/2017

My Family lived in the butchers shop 100 Lillington Street My dad was Bill Murphy and my mum was Kath or Katie Murphy I remember the two daughters from the Builders Arms pub across the road Lynn & Cheryl. We also knew a family called the Holmes they moved with us to Churchill Gardens. we were in 48 Chaucer they were across the grass from us which I think was 46 Coleridge the mum was Norah the dad may have been Harry I think about 4 boys and a girl called Dallas.  

By Judith Pipe (Murphy)
On 24/08/2017

I have the birth certificate of my 2nd great grandmother, Emma Amelia Clark. She was born at 92 Lillington Street on 3rd Oct 1862. Her parents, Charles & Amelia (nee Marks) married in 1861. The part of the census for 1861 showing 92 Lillington Street is incomplete/missing on - I'd be keen to see if anyone has any info for this address.

By Barry Laker
On 23/09/2017

I lived at 21 Camebridge Buildings. ( ground floor ) Thorndyke st  ( play street ) patsy lawless

By patsy lawless
On 27/10/2017

hi, My Grandmother lived at 88 Lillington Street up until  she went into care just before the demolition. I see from posts above a butchers was at 100 so assume no 88 was next to it. Would love a photo of it if anyone can point me in the right direction please ??

By Jean Harwood
On 05/04/2018

My great grandparents lived at 88 Lillington Street during ww1 they were Frederick and Harriet Bolton they had a daughter Ivy aged three in 1916 . Records show they lived there up until he was discharged from the army in 1919. Harriet's family lived at 117 on the 1901 census too 

By sasha carter
On 30/04/2018

Hi my Great Great Grandfather William Acland, my Great Great Grandmother Alice and my Great Grandfather William Francis Acland lived at number 58 Lillington Street as shown on the England 1881 census. I wonderered if anyone has come across them whilst searching their family history. Thank you and good luck with your searching. 

By Tracy Neill
On 01/02/2019

My ancestor Nora Fry lived at 90, Lillington Street, in the early 1920s. Would also appreciate any pointers to see a photo of the street from around the same time, if anyone could help?

By PeaceLondon
On 16/05/2019

The scarborough family lived in 101 Lillington street from 1949 of which I am one of eight boys and two sisters until we were move out to Russell house to make way for the new flats big mistake loved living there  

By ray scarborough
On 13/07/2019

My parental great grandparents (Daniel and Ellen (Cedonulli) Sheen ) lived at 129 Lillington Street from just after WW1 (1918), until 1925 and 1933, respectively. I still have family from my Mum's side, who live a 'stone's throw' away in Tachbrook Estate and Churchill Gardens......

By Garry Sheen
On 15/07/2019

i lived in Lillington Street with my Mum/ Dad my brother John and sister Barbara we all went to St James the less school in the 50s

I was pals with Barry and Terry Walsh also knew Tommy Curtain and man more but names I cannot remember

we moved to Pimilco Road and later to Churchill Gardens Ripley House


By Derek McDougall
On 19/11/2019

My grandparents and Uncle lived at 116 Lillington St in 1911. They were John and Mildred Parsons and son George aged 2.

The migrated to Western Australia in 1912.  Very good move I think.  If there are any photos of the street prior to bombing I would love to see them.

By Vicki Morphew
On 16/02/2020

My great Aunt Jane Harriet Norman was born at 40 Lillington St in 1854. but was not there in 1871 (vide 1871 census). Her parents were James Norman and Mary Ann Norman (nee Norgrove

By Terence Norman
On 04/04/2020

The Worth family lived at 102

By Diane Worth
On 18/05/2020

My Great great great grandfather, Henry Webb, had an occupation listed as "servant" at 48 Lillington Street in June 1859 until April 1861.  Does anyone know what family or who lived at this address?  Any historical records?  Thank you!

By Audrey Young
On 24/06/2020

My late father, Arthur Morley, and his second wife, Davida, lived at 59 Lillington Street from 1955-56.  I don't suppose anyone would remember them?  Was the street still as it was when the bomb hit during the war?

By Loraine Morley
On 08/07/2020

Does anyone know of the Armor family who lived on Lillington Street? 

By Ra
On 26/08/2020

My ancestors resided at 20 Lillington Street in a block of flats.

William and Elizabeth kemp came to Australia in 1867 after living in these flats at that time

I have photo of the flats where they lived but it was bombed during the London blitz.

Would welcome any information or photos.

By Reg Kemp
On 26/08/2020

My grandad, Albert Charles Foster lived at 49 Lillington Street and along with 12 other family members was killed by a bomb that hit the house on 19th April 1941. Would love to know if there is anyone else related to him and the family 

By Nicky MacQueen
On 01/09/2020

My great aunt Vera Elsie May and her husband John Hegarty lived at 31 Lillington Street and had a small daughter called Monica Mary Hegarty if anyone knows what happened to them please get in touch

By Kim Poulter
On 15/09/2020

The Eburne family lived at 43 Lillington St and were killed on 17 April 1941. Seven members of the family are buried in a Private Grave in Westminster Cemetery, Hanwell. 3 generations ranging in age from 54years to 3 months. Margaret aged 24 was already a widow. Someone must have been left to purchase the grave and it was tended for many years. There is also a woman, Beatrice Turney who was visiting, buried in the grave. Two of the Eburnes bodies are recorded as not being brought out until 20/21 April but ‘are believed to have been killed by war operations 16/4/41’ The stone says 17/4/41. Such hard times.

By Claire Aston
On 30/09/2020

The Scanlon family lived at 26 Lillington Street, a big family, I remember other Street very well. Bevan's newsagents with on the corner. I loved that Street I have a lot of happy memories there.



By Eileen Remmer
On 09/10/2020

I am a dentist in San Francisco, California and the great grandson of Charles and Helena Mary Jacobs who lived at 13 Lillington Street in Pimlico at the time of the 1881 census.  Helena was still living at that address when she died in 1904.  My grandfather was Alfred Jacobs born in 1877 and age 4 in 1881. My great grandfather was listed as a builder but must have been an ornamental plasterer since his sons Alfred (my Grandfather), Charles, and Henry were in that trade.  Charles and Alfred were in Johannesburg, South Africa around 1905.  Some of Charles' five children were born there.  Charles and Alfred came to America a month following the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and fire (I imagine figuring there would be a lot of work to do in rebuilding San Francisco). My Grandfather Alfred died in 1926 (infection following elective hernia surgery) when my Father Alfred was just three years old.  He was planning to move to Australia and that did not happen because of his death.  My Father was raised in San Francisco and knew almost nothing of his Jacobs family history.  None of Charles' children had children (my Mother speculated it was the depression and they couldn't afford them) so the Jacobs' are nearly extinct, my brother Kenneth and I having no children. I am interested in Jacobs genealogy and obtaining family photographs.  I have photos of Alfred, who was a tenor and sung in the San Francisco Opera Company.  One photo was taken as a young man on Tachbrook Street near Lillington.  I also have a condolence letter from Henry in 1926 when my Grandfather died. He was living on Moreton Terrace in Pimlico then.                Thomas Jacobs:  


By Dr Thomas Jacobs
On 31/12/2020

My Gt Grandparents lived at 46 Lillington St in 1881.  Alma St. Barthloomew and Lizzie Holland - nee McGowan.  They married in 1877.  Her father James McGowan.  Lizzie adress at marriage was 16 Moreton St. Pimlico  Alma at marriage was 18 Ponsonby Place, Pimlico.

By Paula
On 08/03/2021

Grandmother Ivy Andrews was born at 44 Lillington St in 1910, with brother Thomas and sister Ethel and lived there for many years with parents Thomas & Laura Andrews.

Any info or photos of the street would be marvelous.

By Steve
On 08/04/2021

In answer to Derek Mcdougalls note, I am the Tom Curtin he mentioned, we lived opposite Derek at 79 Lillington St. we also knew the Walsh family who lived further up the road and were the only family that had a T.V.

By Tom Curtin
On 03/05/2021

I lived at 112 lillington street with my mum and brothers and sisters I’m the last of 10 children across the road were the sacerbers l think that’s how you spell it I’m not sure we moved to churchill gardends can anyone remember  my  family Would love to hear from anyone 

By Pauline killgallon
On 10/11/2021

We were a family of nine children…and yes I remember the killgallon family Wendy and my sister Mary were friends and George and Michael were younger brothers of hers we lived at 129 Lillington street…also the Scarborough, Long, Lee, Smiths, Grey, Warwick, Patel, Robinsons, to name a few lived there from 1948 till I married in the sixties

By Barbara Norwell
On 27/01/2022

Hi Pauline  and Barbara  this is Ray Scarborough Pauline me and your brother  Brian are the same age i can probably  name a few of them your self Wendy , David ,Michael, ,Gerald,  Danny ,George, sorry can not remember the rest                                                                                                                                                                 Hi Barbara nice to see other people  interested in this old street were we spent our childhood i am try to remember your brothers and sister starting with Peter Mary your self Sheila was Alex the next one  sorry that it BUT how abouy your Dad i new him as jock and worked with him at Normans car roof rack company in Bessborough Gardens    OH yes the side off my face still stings from a slap you gave me i can't remember what it was for but i for give you for it ( HA HA)  hope you are both keeping well and your family's

By ray scarborough
On 09/06/2022

My grandmother's elder brother, Frederick Arthur Tripp lived at 118 Lillington Street with his wife and four children at the time of the 1911 census.  They would have known Vicki Morphew's grandparents.

By Allan Mornement
On 22/08/2022

My great-great-grandfather George Osborn was living at 124 Lillington Street in February 1864 when he married Emma Claridge at Holy Trinity Church.  Does anyone know please whereabouts on Lillington Street no.124 was?

By Peter Osborn
On 07/10/2022

My uncle and auntie Michael and Madge Lowe with their 4 children Gerald, Maureen, Frank and Patricia lived at either 107 or 120. I'm not sure of the orientation as I was only 6 or 7 years old when I was there but remember that it was next to a bomb site. They were later moved to Roehampton SW15.

By Gerhard Amies
On 28/11/2022

I am related to the Eburne family that lived at no. 43 and died in the bombing. I believe it was my great uncles family, my dad was evacuated in 1939 at 6 years old along with his 3 brothers and sister, they were separated then and never really reconciled, not even with their parents. Not sure my dad knew about this branch of the family & how they died, he never mentioned it. My dads half brother from his dads previous marriage died in the war too in the same year, Terrence Eburne, he was with the RAF and died after being shot down in Belgium. I always wonder how different the family would’ve been if not for the war, it completely shattered them. 

By Chris Eburne
On 11/01/2023

I have just been fortunate to find this page and I doing research about my great Nan and Grandad Staples who lived at 81 Lillington Street . 
i Would greatly appreciate any advice and information on how  to find more information about them . 

By Kevin Staples
On 14/03/2023

In 1913 My Nan , Alice Staples And Grandad Henri Staples used to live at Number 81 LIllington Street , They had a son called George Henri Staples  and a daughter Katie Staples .             
I am interested if there is anyone who can recall them or knows of any family members that are still alive or around that area . 

By Kevin Staples
On 14/03/2023

Good Afternoon,

I actually lived in BessboroughStreet, but recognise many of the names from my younger years and teens. Being good friends with many of the contributors on this site. Particular Frank Holmes’s and Pauline Killgallon. Would leave to hear from you. Ray Jones

By Ray Jones
On 06/04/2023

Some very interesting comments above about our old street. We lived at 126 Lillington Street until 1965. For those who may not know, 3 houses, 120, 122 and 124 were destroyed by a WW2 bomb , creating a bomb site, the best playground we ever had!

By Charles Smith
On 06/04/2023

Hi Gerhard Amies, I’m the Granddaughter of Mickey and Madge Lowe I’m Maureen’s  daughter I’m so interested in the history of the family and it’s lovely seeing you mention them they lived at 61 Lillington street Auntie Patricia tells me lots of stories. 

By Ashley webb
On 16/05/2023

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