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Page link: 55 Broadway SW1
55 Broadway SW1
14 October 1940
Page link: Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey
10-11 May 1941
Page link: 10 Downing Street
10 Downing Street
14 October 1940
Page link: John Lubin
John Lubin
Alexandra Hotel, Knightsbridge
Page link: Blitz by Brushstroke
Blitz by Brushstroke
Westminster's War Artists
Page link: Anthony Gross
Anthony Gross
1905 - 1984
Page link: Henry Marvell Carr
Henry Marvell Carr
1894 - 1970
Page link: William Sansom
William Sansom
AFS Fireman
Page link: Great Peter Street SW1
Great Peter Street SW1
11 November 1940
Page link: Eaton Square SW1
Eaton Square SW1
11 May 1941
Page link: Carlisle Street W1
Carlisle Street W1
11 May 1941
Page link: St James's, Piccadilly
St James's, Piccadilly
14 October 1940
Page link: Sussex Street SW1
Sussex Street SW1
7-8 September 1940
Page link: King Street, St James's
King Street, St James's
23 February 1944
Page link: St Anne's, Soho
St Anne's, Soho
24 September 1940
Page link: Hallam Street W1
Hallam Street W1
10-11 May 1941
Page link: All Souls, Langham Place
All Souls, Langham Place
8 December 1940
Page link: BBC Broadcasting House
BBC Broadcasting House
15 October 1940
Page link: Savile Row W1
Savile Row W1
16 September 1940
Page link: House of Commons
House of Commons
10-11 May 1941
Page link: Old Palace Yard, Westminster
Old Palace Yard, Westminster
27 September 1940
Page link: Queen Anne's Mansions SW1
Queen Anne's Mansions SW1
13 September 1940